Our Specialties & Services

Our therapists are skilled in many specialty services to help individualize your care.

Just A Few Of Our Specialties

Psychoanalytic Therapy

Our counselors offer an empathetic and nonjudgmental space where you can feel safe in revealing feelings or actions that have led to stress or tension in your life. Talk-therapy is an important part of processing past events and working toward strengths and changes that will promote healing.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Exploring areas of change in thoughts, actions, and feelings can help promote better synchronicity, motivation, and emotional regulation. Our counselors work to promote change and remove the fears that keep you stuck in patterns unhealthy to your individual growth.

Integrative Psychotherapy

Integrative approaches allow our counselors to consider the individual characteristics, preferences, needs, physical abilities, culture, beliefs, values and motivation level to decide the best approach to therapy for you. Different approaches may be used throughout various stages of the therapeutic process or collaborative form of therapy that best benefits you and promotes healing.

Our Areas of Expertise


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Feelings of being on alert, high stress, or hypervigilance can disrupt everyday health and overall wellbeing. Working on ways to better cope and promoting healthy habits that change stress response can bring peace to an overthinking mind.


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Lack of motivation, anger, sadness, isolation, and less interest in activities that used to bring you joy can feel overwhelming. Asking for help can feel daunting but we can help process areas that are creating negativity, encourage motivation to change, and help you build healthy habits that increase positive feelings.

Emotional Regulation

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When you struggle with mood swings and feeling that your emotions control your response, it can be unsettling and ultimately can cause disconnection to others. We support you in changing your actions and thoughts to better regulate your feelings, creating a more positive connection through your emotions, thoughts, and your response.

Traumatic Events

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Creating a comfortable space to process difficult events can help move past previous experiences that keep you feeling stuck. We have staff trained and certified in trauma therapy that can help you rebuild resilience and reconnect to strengths that help you feel you can embrace your journey in life and make positive choices.

Family Conflicts

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Interpersonal issues and disconnection can be overwhelming. Our counselors support accountability and empower you to set boundaries that create safety, accept others for where they may be, and help you to resolve your resentments that keep you feeling stuck. We can accommodate family sessions that help to improve communication, better define roles and boundaries, and support each family member in the process.

Major Life Change/Unexpected Events

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When life happens, you may not know who to talk to or doubt that others will understand you. Out counselors are skilled at active and empathetic listening to support your process and help you build upon strengths you already have so you may overcome this.


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We provide both individual, couples, and group support to resolve issue when trust has been broken in a partnership. It can be a humiliating experience and leads to many negative thoughts that can be resolved in talking through your feelings, planning for your next steps, and empowering acceptance to promote personal growth.

Relationship Issues

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Often we struggle with issues that are interpersonal and need someone to help facilitate these conversations. Individual and couples sessions are available. Our counselors are skilled at recognizing changes that can benefit growth between partners or help ease the pain of a separation or divorce.

Self Esteem

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Often self-esteem can be diminished and it can feel as if negativity is controlling your every thought. We work to empower you in your strengths, build confidence, and work on ways to put yourself first.


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Struggling with substance use and abuse issues can feel like a hard journey. We work to promote successful recovery based on accountability, boundaries, and address patterns of behaviors that pose as a risk to your sobriety. We have staff trained in addiction issues as well as a counselor certified as an addictions professional.

Critical Incident Stress Management

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Crisis Events and Incident Stress Debriefing planning and implementation by a certified trauma professional. This can include response to events and crisis calls or lecture/instruction services to assist in preparation, planning, or psychoeducation.

LGBTQ Support

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Sorting out a sense of self in the face of social expectations and pressures such as oppression, discrimination, and marginalization can lead to higher levels of depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. We offer a safe place to talk through these issues and support you in your journey to live an authentic, connected life.

Our Approach

Changing Perspectives Counseling Group offers client care, designed to fit your unique needs. We work with every client to provide empathy and support, collaborating with you to develop a plan for care. We offer flexible hours, online access, and sliding scales rates to assist in meeting the needs of each client. We strive to have a comfortable space that allows you to feel heard. We challenge our clients to utilize their strengths and work on building confidence that will sustain resilience and positive change.

Services Offered:

  • Intake and assessment
  • Individual Counseling Session
  • Family Counseling Session
  • Couples Counseling Session
  • Consultation for referral services
  • Referrals based on client need

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